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Black Diamond

Beauty is a universal experience. It cannot be taught. It cannot be explained. It cannot go unnoticed or be unseen.
When I met Aubane Filée (Instagram accounts --  artistic: @f_l_u_n_e__b_a_i_e    professional: @_flune_ ), I knew then and there that my camera would become addicted to her gentle lines, to the ethereal energy of her presence. My eyes came to rest on her beauty during hours-long soul exchanges framed by the dimmed lights of a restaurant. After every encounter, I was left reminiscent of an otherworldly experience... a deep spiritual connection flavored by fresh beauty, kindness, and candor flowing from her lips through the sensual timbre of her voice. A music that dissolved time into a single instant of bliss.
With her, I learned how to see beauty. Anew.

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