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 About me

I grew up in Italy, inspired by my father's infinite knowledge and nourished by my mother's gifted cooking. My dad's never ending historical anecdotes have been a constant reminder of how history has shaped us as a society and as a Planet, and still shapes the fate of way too many people.

I followed a rather average high school education, graduating from a humanistic college where I could explore the meaning of literature and philosophy across the European cultures and the different languages, from Latin to German.

I finally decided to pursue a career in Science, driven by a deep love for the Ocean and the marvels of nature. I received my PhD in Marine Sciences in 2015 at the University of Ghent, where I continued as Post Doctoral Research fellow till today.

I have always been eclectic in my interests, from arts to volunteer work, to technology. I always felt being alive is as much a gift as it is an opportunity to be of benefit to others.

I became fascinated by the power of photography as a means to capture the beauty of life and express my sense of awe and deep respect in front of nature and the diversity of all the peoples I had the fortune to encounter.

A world citizen at heart, I wish to share my photographs with the world.

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